Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poison Ivy...not the movie!

So, I'm a nice guy, right. I don't mind helping folks out...a little yard work here, some hauls to the dump, clean out a flooded basement there, tear up some carpet (in a non-dancing way) etc.
Well etc just bit us in the ass. Actually in the arms and legs, and instead of etc it's actually poison ivy! YAY!!!!!
Besides reading about and trying every herbal remedy for the damned itch, we've had a very busy week. Our $60 mac died, so getting online has been impossible until we set up our big 'puter. Also emily and i hung out with my dad, his very cool and seemingly normal wife Lorraine, and my half-brother Patrick, who used to be 12 but is more like 28 now. We all went over to Jersey for a Lelko family reunion (which is more normal than you might imagine) and saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in twenty years. They all called me Boomer and remembered that instead of swallowing meat I would just store it in my cheeks for later removal. What a weird thing to be remembered for, and man, was I a freak or what?! I even hated meat as a kid, so at least I'm consistent.
Our new apartment in Catasauqua (Catty if you're in the scene) is a hilarious clusterf@%k, but it's cool 'cos it's right across the river from my grandparents' place and the landlords are SUPER laid back. Like, couldn't care less what we do to the place. And do we did. We just finished totally ripping out the old shower thang and, since we're so handy, we put in a new one. At least now I might actually get clean in the shower (the old one looked like it might give a guy the plague). Tomorrow we move in with the cats!
Check these pics and stay tuned for more exciting adventures!


The view from our Bedroom looking in the general direction of Grammy's
Honey Bunny in the grandparents basement (our temporary headquarters)

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