Monday, August 2, 2010

Today= Laugh a Minute!!

For the love of all things holy...Maybe I should start with the good things that happened today, because we don't want this blog to turn into a whine-fest now, do we? So, uh, let's see here. Well, we are only four hours from Grammy and Grampop's house, so there's that. Uh, only one of us is limping with wicked cuts to their ankle. We had almost one whole meal, so that was vaguely sustainable.
Ya know, I never knew I couldn't see at night while driving; the mountains of Pennsylvania are a hell of a time to learn this, especially when the Reinvestment and recovery act is trying to kill everybody by closing all but one lane of every road in PA.
Also, when your car breaks down in the middle of Ohio, NOT a good idea to slam your cat's tail in the door (see limping ankle above).
Tomorrow we arrive in Hokendauqua, so the original reason for this blog will have ended (fingers crossed please), but I have a feeling LELKO BLOG will continue on, if only to occasionally give my cranky brain a place to huck its mental loogie. Here's a grip more photos.

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