Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sasquatch Huntin'

 Check it out, y'all! Kenny and I were building these benches when someone caught us in an unguarded moment. Honestly, not posed at all...  And you all remember Honey Bunny, right? Well here she is showing off her beautiful natural hair color. if there's a girl version of a silver fox, she's it!

These two need no introduction, but check out this next group of fellas...
 That's right, it's the Special Paranormal Investigation Team (SPIT)  This group of ding-a-lings hikes around the woods of this here Pacific Northwest looking for fun bigfoot. Sort of.
We do for sure go on some epic hikes around the Cascade and Coast ranges. For instance, check out Joel and Jacob looking a good 600 feet into that gorge! Awesome, right?

Yeah, well here I am clinging to this rock hoping NOT to look into that gorge. I like living and hate dying, so I don't mind being a scaredy cat from time to time!

 Joel demonstrating just how big of a sissy I am to Jacob.
 The weather has been unseasonably warm for the past few weeks so we've been able to enjoy some amazing sites that might otherwise still be snowed in, or at least a lot less fun to get to.

We rode this frog part of the way up the mountain!

Still a bit of snow in some of the shadier hollows a few weeks ago, but by now even that's probably gone.

 Back at the old homestead Kenny's been sucking up those sunrays...
...and I've been continuing my bench-making duties.

Here's a great shot from way up on one of the coast range mountains in the Tillamook National Forest.  

 Joel is slowly turning into a Squatch, and Jacob has been busy making friends with a lady Squatch!

Well, enough hoo-ha.
More in the future...