Monday, January 10, 2011

Home and back to work

On our last day of our Epic Cross-Country Drive we finally found some good weather, and it was (surprise...) along the coast of California! So North we headed on Surf Route 101, through the Redwoods and along the ocean. Not the fastest route, but the safest and by far the coolest.
And yes, that is an elk in the above photo. One of three that were standing next to the road. But the crazy thing is, there were three or four cars stopped on the shoulder and half a dozen very stupid people standing not more than 15 feet from these elk! Now I'm pretty sure elk are quite peaceful creatures, but those stupid humans were really asking for it, and a small part of me (not saying which part) secretly wished they'd get their fat asses beat by the fella in the above photo.
This is me actually making that wish.
By the end of this week of driving this was about as clear as I could see anything. Not bad, really.

So long Pennsylvania. See ya next time.