Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Shakin' On The Hill

Headed out to Astoria on the coast. Real interesting story about the town, and how it came to be, where the river of the west meets the pacific, a canning town, a fur trading hub, etc. Check it out.

The Dehydrater+Emily=RawFoodHeaven
Drove around South and West of town (wine country) and did a thing or two.

Moved stuff around and went from gray to creamy.

Saw Nick Lowe and Emily made this skirt in his honor
This weird cat showed up one day and hasn't been seen since. He looks kinda like our cats, and now Kenny thinks it was their long lost dad...we may never know

Oh yeah, here's that fold-down kitchen table I made a while back
And freakin' SMiLE finally came out!

And the sun sets on another beautiful day.

Hey, as an exciting bonus you should check out my other, less personal, but also more (kinda), blog Hokendauqua. It's weird.