Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back to...Astoria!!!!

Welcome back to

Astoria Oregon, founded in 1811 by some guys who worked for that Astor fella back east, but then that whole deal fell apart, so the Brits took it over as part of the Hudson Bay company, or one of those fur companies, I always get them confused, even though there were only, like, two of them...

But before we get to Astoria allow me to tell you about the last covered bridge in use in Washington, or allow this sign to inform you

This is a variation of the Queenspost Truss called the Warren Truss, as far as I can tell...

...and that's pretty much all I can tell you about it.

First thing we did in Astoria was go and get some grub (burgers, no buns, fries and clam chowder) and then walked around a bit. Emily had broken her toe(s?) a couple weeks ago, so we didn't wander about too much,but we did go to the Flavel house/museum and look around inside...

This guy was a wealthy ex-sea captain and he built a huge mansion in the middle of town for his wife, their two daughters, and himself. It is pretty awesome The front parlour, or maybe the sitting room, had some amazing woodwork going on.

I'm not really clear what this room was officially called, but I call it the Creeptastic Baby Room!
Looking out this window you are actually staring into this wooden abyss from the eldritch depths of aeons past... Whoops, no...that's a staircase (the back one, you know, for the servants) and nowhere near that window!

The daughters (grown women who never married (issues!!!)) had very cool bedrooms connected by a shared water closet.

And finally, the music room.

You're welcome for this beautiful gift of my genius, enjoy it, and use it well!