Thursday, August 5, 2010

And we're living here in Allentown...

This guy is my Granfather's Dad
sometime in the 1920's

...Well, Hokendauqua actually, but Billy Joel bi-passed our town in his song. Whatevs.
We've been here for a couple days now and are just trying to settle in to some kind of routine that makes sense. After our last day of traveling (where Honey Bunny and the cats all died after I drove Clyde off a mountain, and I buried them in the pet cemetery so that they'd come back to me, including the truck) and unpacking Clyde we found an internet connection at the book store down the road a bit.
Grammy thought I was insane when I asked her where I could find an internet cafe and looked at me like I just farted at the Pope, but other than that things are going swimmingly. It's been hot and muggy (ya know, summer style), so we've been camping in the cool basement. The cats still seem to think we might pack them back into the truck at any time and drive twenty-million more miles and have been steering clear of us.
The best part has been driving Emily around and showing her how weird this old place is. She likes it a lot, and if we ever find jobs I think we'll be perfectly content here. We also looked through some old family photos, some of which you are about to see. More blog later, photos now!

This here is my ma, lookin' like a girl version of me. Creepy!

My Grammy and Grampop when they were datin'!

These two made me, can you tell? BTW, sandals Marty? Really?

Marty, Tish and Lurtzuma, two of which are my folks.

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