Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Even though I paid these people to come to my house and pretend to like me, it was still an enjoyable party. We ate food and some people drank hooch and then we played a game called...can't remember actually. Pictionary maybe, but there weren't any pictures, so maybe it was something else. Ahh, who cares, right? We had fun and stuff.
In other news...we got a glabilionth of an inch of snow the other day and the entire town went insane. Not like eating other people insane. But school was canceled for the kiddies and tons of people took the day off. I road my bike to work (5.5 miles one way!!) early so I could shovel the snow that ended up not existing in the parking lot. Total hype. Anyway, enjoy the photos and see ya later


Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey, we live here now, again. (here being Portland)

I know what you're thinking; "whatever happened to those crazy kids who drove across the country the day after Christmas?" Right? I mean, that is what you're thinking, is it not? No? Huh. Really? Damn.
Well either way, we (Honey Bunny, me, Clyde the truck and Viola and Kenny the cats) now reside in our favorite stomping grounds, Portland Oregon, aka Stumptown, the Rose City. We live in a great little house with a swell backyard that we get to garden in (so far I built the compost bin and Emily has gathered most of the wood for the beds) and we had a roommate briefly (less than a week and then she split with her cats, not sure why) and I've got a steady job and ride my bike to and from work and I get to play D&D every Sunday night.
Good stuff if ya ask me. And you did. Above you see the extra cats in this catpile.
This is our house as viewed from the rear. I aspire to paint some of the trim 'cos right now it's a bit plain for my taste. Not complainin', just sayin'.
One of the advantages Portland has over most of the rest of the US is the winters are fairly mild, so flowers and cabbage and grass are all still hanging around and daffodils and other bulbs are startin' to jump out of the ground.

I took a whole series of weird photos of me around the house, supposedly to show the house, but they really just show how weird I am. For instance the above photo is the least creepy of the lot, and shows our big, but weirdly designed, kitchen in all of it's natural light beauty.
More later. Until then check out These Two blogs for more about Portland.