Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Sprang

Oh, hi there. Been a while, huh? Well, as you can see I'm still just a disembodied face on a log. How are you?   
Please enjoy some of this amazing homemade Mayo from Honey Bunny. It's pretty awesome. While enjoying the mayo you could be wearing one of her head kerchiefs and scarfing down that epic egg, sausage and sweet potato mash.

Powell Butte is just about six miles from our house, and except for a very (and I'm talkin' VERY) short jaunt with my ma a few years ago, I never managed to get my ass out/up there, so a couple weeks ago we took a hike.       For instance, here I am on a lovely trail with Mt. St. Helens blown off side in the background (and some other people but I don't know their names and frankly don't care).

 This Is another of the five mountains in our general vicinity, and the closest to Portland...Ladies and gentlemen... Mt. Hood!!!

 Powell Butte is, of course, built, or I guess un-built on some old homesteaders land. All that remains of that guys efforts are this old orchard of hazelnuts or some kind of nut. i could look it up, but so could you.
 The below statement is irrefutably accurate.

 Here's another epic shot of Hood.
 Hey, check it out everyone, its Honey Bunny!
 This is our pet slug Nixon
 Ah yes. the Helicopter that air-lifted me out of Saigon way back in the day. Who could forget?
Our car is starting  to look a little run down, but I think a paint job might take care of that...
 Waiting for my release from Gitmo, Honey Bunny plans for the future.
 ...of her Kombucha scobies and thyme plants.

Meanwhile Me and Joel went on another hike, this time up to Table Mountain above the Bonneville Dam, searching for Bigfoot.

See ya next time with some more adventures of THE LELKO!!!!