Monday, August 2, 2010

Chicago...NOT my kinda town!

I spent most of my childhood in and around Chicago, and I was never really a fan (
though there were some great record stores, back when great record stores meant something) and split town as soon as I could find a reason. Driving back through Illinois (there's no noise in Illinois, as the saying goes) as an adult made the reasons clear to me. The entire state seems to be made of rude people trying to get somewhere on the horrible roads. Oh wait, the roads are being 'fixed' using the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that the Politburo, I mean congress, blessed us with. That's the one where they steal your money, then provide services at the barrel of a gun (well, I guess that's what ALL government programs do, but this is the newest!), like fixing the roads.
Anyway, except for the far western parts of the state, northern Illinois is a disaster of endless traffic (even on a sunday afternoon) and endless malls. Please avoid.
Gary Indiana was another story all together. Have you seen that movie 'The Road' with Vigo Whats-his-name? Ya know, the post-apocalyptic nightmare survivalist film. Well that's a hilarious comedy (think Happy Gilmore) compared to the holocaust that is Gary. Every building was boarded shut, all businesses closed, all of the humans looked like wraiths. Other than that, it was pretty great.
The day wasn't a total disaster though. We stopped at a park just this side of The Mississippi and ran around with the cats, while Clyde cooled off in the shade. And tonight, when we got our room in Fort Wayne, we stopped in next door at the 'gentleman's club' to have a good fish n chips dinner, while watching, alternately, Shark Week on TV and topless girls behind us. The fish was good and, though a lot of the boobs were real quitters, it was a good way to end the day. Only got a few photos and here is the best of 'em.
In case you were wondering tomorrow's blog Will Be Hilarious!
Stay Tuned

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  1. Lelks!
    This blog rules! How do you do it? But seriously, yay! This is great. So glad your cats eat watermelon and so glad I have more proof as to why I should never visit Chicago again. Keep having fun. Heart, Dubs