Sunday, August 8, 2010

Think I'll continue with the old photos since we've been finding a ton of them, and nothing else too exciting is going on...a little yardwork and some nice evening walks is about it. I think this week we'll do a little tour around the Lehigh Valley and post what we see and learn. This fella here is my Grampop, before he was sent off to war

Can anyone blame me for not wanting to be a father? I mean, this guy looks kinda scary and very awkward.

Here are my grandparents and aunt Gina at some unknown occasion, perhaps a wedding, and it looks like grammy is having a great time (Gina, not so much)
These are my Dad's parents,
Mike and Helen Lelko, and they were pretty funny. She was always cooking and he was always grumpy (I always liked his angle), but they were both great to me and sadly they now reside in that great Lelko-land in the sky.

yup, that's Marty in the Army. How or why I'll never know (unless I ask him) . I love how beat up this photo is; I wonder if that's their car behind them...

Mom and her favorite kid, Lurtzuma

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