Thursday, August 12, 2010

old photos up the ying-yang

Nothin new to report really. Emily made her first batch of halushgies, or however you spell it, with a little help from grammy the other day. We've been trying unsuccessfully to keep the grandparents from using the stupid microwave, but, unless we act like jerks, there's no way we're gonna change their ways. Whenever we can we just re-heat what they want on the stove, but the balancing act is trying not to treat them like children or like they can't do anything for themselves (they seem to be able to do most everything, just kinda slow-like), yet still be helpful when and where we can. Whatevs...
Last night Emily made me some perogies with saurkraut, and that ruled. And now for some old-tyme photos............. this one made Emily a little crazy for his cuteness Grampop at his first communion (or maybe confirmation)

Grampop, Grammy, Gina, Tish, Marty and Jack on that unholy day when my parents were married!

Whoa there, Gram! Gettin' a little saucy there...

Yes! Laying around without a shirt but WITH your slacks. Awesome.

The whole family (with my mom still looking exactly like me) in Atlantic city in the early 60's.

Grampop's dad lookin' super cool in NYC

Grammy with her parents Baba and Dzidz on her graduation. Baba cut her finger in the meat grinder that morning...

My great-grandfather (far right) and his cronies at the Windish Lodge circa 1920

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  1. Excellent photos. It's all coming together now. Party on, bro!