Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another day, another 100 bucks poorer...

Where are we? It's getting to that point. Each day is a sort of whirlwind of packing up the car with cats and gear, trying to remember which way the Highway is and pointing the car east. Not saying it's bad, just hard to remember what's what. Anyway, where are we? Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And guess what, there's a horse shoe competition/conference going on and there isn't a hotel room for forty miles!!!! Not good.
Except it is. Honey Bunny has perfect timing (and legs!) and waltzes right into Super 8 at the same moment the crazy lady behind the counter gets a cancellation. We got a room. I can pee. The cats can cat it up.
But what about this horse shoe thing? Is it a horseshoe throwing contest, or shoeing contest? Both? No clue. I'm just having a hard time believing that, no matter which kind of contest it is, there could possibly be that many humans involved. Oh, and it's a week-long event! How?! What on god's green earth could these folks be doing for a frickin' week!?!? It's all to much for my 'mind'.
Oh, yeah, we went to a huge Whole Foods in Omaha, Nebraska and each got their famous $1000 salad bar and iced coffee. By the way, summer in the US=hot. Hot and steamy (like 9 1/2 Weeks). We've finally got a good way to keep the cats comfy (it involves many wet towels and chanting), but Kenny still spends a good 1-3 hours/day meowing. Hey, at least he's no longer screaming my name.

Check these pics!....

Turns out Both cats LOVE watermellon.

By the way, since we are traveling the Lincoln Highway, we've got a nice coffee table book about it, and Honey Bunny has been reading aloud about each town we go through and trying to take photos of historical sites, so some pics may seem pointless, but I assure you dear readers, they are not!

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