Friday, July 30, 2010

Nebraska, even better than Springsteen says

So we had this amazing idea this morning; wake up early, leave early, and drive farther (or is it further?), thus making up for a couple of lazy-ish days. It worked. Also, we finally got past the god-awful mountains and off of I-80 and onto the old Lincoln Highway 30 which was the original plan.
I cannot stress enough how much better and interesting it is getting off the big slab of 80 and hittin' the back roads, which until the 70's, were the way to go, and really they still are.
I'll hit you with some more photos, this time courtesy of the world famous Honey Bunny.
Oh yeah, one more extremely weird thing. Today Kenny, the yellow cat spoke my name twice and then huked a technicolor rainbow of grass and fish onto his towel. I mean he really said my frickin' name!! We were driving along just like normal when I suddenly heard a crazy old woman's voice say with a panicky tremelo "Brriian!" and I was shaken to the core of my dark, squishy soul.
I looked confusedly at Honey Bunny who returned my look. Who was that?! we silently asked each other. The hair-raising answer was only seconds in coming when the same voice, only more alarmingly hysterical repeated "Brriian!!!". It was Kenny, who somehow used up all of his precious little brain power to get those two words (well one, twice) out of his bug-brain and into our ears. Then he puked. He's a good boy.

Can you see the hidden Kenny?

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