Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salt Lake City...We'll be Coming Soon!!!

Wow. Look at those windmills just windmilling away. Actually they aren't moving at all just like EVERY OTHER WINDMILL (or whatever they're called) that we've seen in the last three states. And there has been wind, let me assure you friends, there has been wind. Can you spell Boondoggle?
Anyhoo, it turns out it's hot in the summertime. Never would've guessed, after having been in the Great Northwest all these years, that from the time you awaken until your little eyes close for the night, it's frickin hot. I like it. The cats aren't so sure though...They wear little wet hankys to keep cool. Clyde, the truck, was clunking along beautifully today, not a loose pipe or blown seal to be found (poor seals). The whole driving experience would've been perfect if not for the INCREDIBLY CRAPPY roads in Idaho and Utah. Now, supposedly our 'friends' the STATE were paying folks to work on these rutted highways (paying them with money they stole from the 'citizens' of these states), and sure enough, scores of miles of highway were skooched down into one or two lanes of bumpy crappiness, but not a 'worker' to be seen. I ask my statist friends, who would build the roads if not the State? I also answer...anyone. Any-frickin-one could do a better, faster and more durable job than the overpaid, under-incentivised , state workers who were trying so hard to fulfill the needs of the average person that they didn't even bother showing up for work today.
Oh wait, wrong meeting. This is the road trip group right? Right.
Well, we stopped in Boise around lunch time looking for a little co-op to get some non-Dorritos type of food and instead we found the best co-op I've ever seen. Totally awesome, and it even had a super-mini picnic spot in the parking lot where Emily and I ate a huge tunafish sandwich. Boise seemed kinda cool, sorta like Portland, but more hippy, less hipster. Hard to tell though since we only went to the co-op and then split town.
Somewhere between Boise and Salt Lake we found some rain, lots of hills, and a bunch of cows. It was pretty, but after 5 hours of driving, i really didn't give a damn. When we arrived in Salt Lake where, according to my namesake, girl-for-girl they got the cutest in the western states, there was a rainbow over the city as evidenced by the following photo. Just a bit of rainbow, but still fairly epic for this weird old town. We decided to Motel 6 it again in the hopes that camping was in our near future, just have to remember to get to where we are going before night time. Either way, I think tomorrow we'll try to drive less/ enjoy more stuff. I'm used to road-trips being about getting somewhere, which is of course the ultimate goal, but, like that weird guy with that weird book said back in the '90's, the journey is the destination.
I think tomorrow's destination is Rawlins, Wyoming, which I'm hoping involves a new cowboy hat for me an some new kerchiefs for the kitties. Til then...
Bye Y'all

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