Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On our way to Grandmother's House

Today we split town (don't look back, you can never look back) only a few hours behind schedule
with epic ideas of camping at this park in Idaho, but here we are in a Motel 6 and I'm feelin' just fine.
Though our plan is to take the old highways like 26 and 30 across this country (which, by the way, NOT overpopulated!) we decide to take 84 over the mountains and then do the backroads thing. Turned out to be a good idea.
After many hills and almost exactly 300 miles, we stopped at Baker City for gas...and all shit broke loose. After filling up the truck (from hereon known as Clyde) we couldn't get it started, like, at ALL! I thought it was fer sure the starter, so I climbed under and whacked it with my crowbar. Still nothing...Bastard! Then we discovered that Baker City actually has the nicest folks you'd ever want to meet. "Mother' Margaret "and her son, who wasn't really her son but her son's friend who she considered a son (heck, everyone called her 'mother' in town) stopped by and asked could they help? By gum, that would be swell, I said. Jason, the son-not-son, stayed with Honey Bunny , Clyde and the cats, while Mother Margaret and I drove to carquest and tried to decide if I should buy a starter and have Jason-not-son install it or...hey, who's that over there? Carquest has their own mechanic and his name is Dane, and he is very cool. Here's a towtruck right across the street and it'll bring Clyde right to Dane. I felt bad telling Mother that I was gonna have Dane and not Jason take a look, but she called me silly and took me back to Clyde et al.
Jason was now joined at the truck with Mother's real son, whose name I didn't catch, and they decided it might be the blobbidy-blah-blah that went bad. After all that they seemed perfectly happy to not have to do the work, and the three of them were on their way, but not before Mother made us promise to write her just as soon as we got to Pennsylvania and tell her all about our trip.
Seconds later our Tow Truck appeared (thanks to my Mom, my real mom, not Mother, and her AAA membership gift) and we were merrily spirited off to Dane at carquest. BTW, the cats (Kenny and Viola) didn't seem to give one crap about any of today's events. Just sayin.
Anyway, after much noodling, Dane figured it was the clutch relay by-pass or some such thing, and was able to fix it real quick-like. But this whole adventure ate another two hours off of our already late-started day, so we knew the campground was never gonna happen. But Motel 6 is happening for sure, and they have wi-fi, and we just ate some survivalist Indian food (dot, not feather) and, hey, is that a fricken TV?! I'm so gonna watch that. See ya'll tomorrow!


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