Monday, May 16, 2011

The Adventure Continues......!!!!!

I was as surprised as you are to see this weird looking bird through our kitchen window a couple weeks ago. Click on the photo for a bigger version and you can really see how cool looking he is. Not very rare around these parts according to the interwebs, though I can't remember ever seeing one before. What is it, you ask. Well, like I said, I looked it up I can't remember what it is or where and how I figured it out, so if you care enough I'm sure you know what to do. Moving along...
I keep building stuff (like this here record holder/side table thing) for no real reason other than it interests me. In fact it interests me enough that I tore out the guts of my garage and re-built a better build-stuff-on-it table and a rack for my wood (heh heh) and slowly I'm learning stuff that makes making thing easier. Go figure.
Ah yes, spring. It's here and it's springing. It is now at least occasionally warmish (between rain jags) and stuff that grows is growing.

The beautiful Honey Bunny is still cranking out awesome summertime-beachy inspired jewelry and, for anyone who enjoys that sort of thing ('m lookin' at you out there), she is more than happy to create something just for you (as long as you're more than happy to send some cashola her way), so keep that in mind for any and all gift-giving moments in your life.
Because I like making stuff and love her, I made Emily this weird shaker-inspired tote tray (now painted white) with the heart handle.

Cats + Sidewalk + Sun = = weird antics.
Oh man, I am seriously gonna eat all of this stuff!

Viola in a mood
More of Honey Bunny's excellent landscaping in our formerly neglected yard.
My first dove-tail (interesting to only one of my readers but it made me happy so lay off!)
Lacking the proper tools... order to make this weird joint...
...I just winged it...
and built this cool little foot (or butt) stool.

A few photos around the house including the rec(ord) room

and a through shot from the living room. Hope you enjoyed this fantastic update. More soon!!!


  1. it's a flicker! one of those woodpecker-types that eats bugs.....looking good on the woodworks and jewelry!