Thursday, April 21, 2011

I made a Stool!!!!!

A step-stool that is. Well, really more of a stool-in-law! Get it!? Naw, really it's a stool that I made from scratch (and wood). Having never made anything out of wood before I just decided to give it a try (after cleaning out the one garage and making it a manly room of building and fixing stuff). So, not bad really, for a first timer.

We also planted some more flowers in an effort to jazz the place up.
And Emily has been busting her, uh, back I guess, weeding the whole damn place.
It's actually been not raining for a few days so the cats have been enjoying some time in the sun with us. See that photo up there? That's Kenny looking at Viola from atop my new stool! Good view, huh?
But wait, there's more! The very next day I decided to make a garden bench. Let me remind you that I have almost no tools other than a simple saw and a hammer and drill, so pretty it ain't, but it hasn't fallen apart yet and it weighs a good twenty pounds so it's not likely to go very far anytime soon. Check it and my mustache out!

Later y'all.

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