Friday, December 3, 2010

one down, one to go...

Holidays, that is. Hey, lookit that, it snowed on Thanksgiving Day for a bit (it was gone by the next day) so we got to see three of the four seasons out here. Not too shabby. Emily had the chance of a lifetime to experience my family's Thanksgiving get together, and let me quote her feelings on it..."Wow." Yup, that about says it. I'll let you fill in the whacky family details. I bet if you were with your extended family it was fairly similar (you poor thing), but did you have snow? I thought not.
Yeah, we're still cute.
We took a walk on over to the Whitehall Parkway which goes through an old cement mill, or maybe even two. I think these corn cribs are also part of the old mill works since they are between the old buildings and the quarry, but once again, I haven't looked into all of it. As Far as I can tell there were up to three different cement companies that used this sight from 1890 until the early 1930's, including the Coumbia and the Pennsylvania cement companies. Now it's just a hundred year-old ruin with bike paths all around it.
The coplay creek
The Quarry

The railroads used to come through here to transport the cement down the line. This old car was used as a office for the railroad officers
and was still going strong at least up to 1965 when the photo below was taken.
This weird tomb-like building was actually the vault where the money was kept by the cement guys until payday (according to a couple old guys who clued us into its presence across the street)
More of the half-dozen or more ruins along the way.

Honey Bunny is showing off the shawl that she made (she's pretty good at that whole knitting thing.) Right now my ass is super sore...from bowling, so I'm gonna go not do this,but we'll catch ya next time with another exciting installment of Lelko Blog. Lates.

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