Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Return of S*P*I*T*

 Special Bulletin... The S*P*I*T* Men Find SASQUATCH!!!

Here we see SPIT members Lelko and Vega listening hard as they study a map of the terrain  Squatch likely inhabits.

     S*P*I*T*, that phenomenally named group of hard-working men willing to put their lives and sanity on the line, recently embarked on one of the most staggering expeditions in the history of  such undertakings...            

    ...But first the men had to dig their way through a mountain of ancient wrecks looking for the right mags for Vega's 64 and a half  Mustang 289 'd' code auto-tranny with super tach headers and gt side exhausts .

 After careful consideration the men make their fateful decision and grab destiny by the throat.

Somewhere in an abandoned horse camp on the Lewis River near Mt Adams the men begin their adventure...

Here we see Vega understanding that Lelko may very well have to eat Vega's own legs in order to survive this afternoon jaunt in the woods.

And after long hikes across the foothills of the Southern Cascades with only a bottle of water and a thirst for the truth, the nearly unbelievable team have seen little to dissuade them from their original hunch.
Here Vega shows the camera a severed human hand with a shrunken Squatch Head affixed

Squatch is near. After howling madly into the woods, Vega's cries are answered by a mad cawing of Ravens and the giant crash of a monster tree brought to the ground by...

...something. Something that made these alarmingly virile men jump out of their tents and into the air!

After pulling themselves together, the ruggedly handsome men went on a many mile long search for the downed tree and any footprints that the angry Squatch may have left behind. What they found instead...

...was this crypto zoological puzzle, a butterfly.
Clear Evidence that Squatch was near and crushing small flying insects  (possibly with trees) gave these ravenously hungry guys all the nutrition they needed.

                                    The Ten Thousand Foot Falls our heroes were forced to go over while searching for the destroyed tree

Back at camp the S*P*I*T* fellas go over their story one last time. After assuring each other that they definitely were in the presence of the Squatch they decide to read Vega's favorite choose-your-own-adventure story before Lelko gets the fire started and prepares to eat Vega's legs.

Until next time....

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