Thursday, September 29, 2011

leaves are falling...

...and Kenny is pure evil.

The other day I was looking on Ebay for stuff from the Lehigh Valley (like bottles or crates or photos. Nostalgia that I don't even remember from the first time... try it sometime.) where, after scrolling through all the railroad memorabilia, I found this cool photo of the Thomas ironworks near where I first lived.
As far as I can tell this view is looking southeast from near where the Hoky Legion, or maybe the Historical Society, is currently, with Catasauqua in the far left center. The Lehigh river is just behind the factory buildings. This is as close as my interweb detective abilities could get to a modern view from a kinda/sorta close-ish angle. I believe this building is the large building just to the right of the white building in the old photo.

Working at ReRun has its perks. Even if I don't have much cash I can usually snag some cool treasures with my store-trade. Check out this sweet weather vane. I'm still cleaning and oiling it up but I'm pretty sure I can get this thing functioning again. And two points to you, with the keen eyes, who noticed another fabulous Lelko Bench, upon which the vane rests. Check out how that lacquer really made the basil-tinged milk paint look kinda gross. Two more points for catching that cute little squash plant (with a bit of powdery mildew) sprawling along the walkway on the side of the house (also known as a sidewalk).
Another ReRun present. An oil paint-by-numbers from the 50's that I finished a few weeks ago! Sure, laugh it up, pal, but I had a great time painting this thing and it was almost art-like since I had to mix most of my own colors 'cos the paints that came with the set were mostly dried out.

Cats... sidewalk... you know....
A sweet Vivitar 35mm camera with three lenses. another work find. Just out of frame to the left is a flying saucer. I sure hope my photo turns out!

Emily had an old friend recently move to town and one Sunday, not too long ago, they went on a hike to Powell Butte, some city-owned ex-pasture land not far from our house but somehow far from our house. Allow this tree to illustrate my example of this bucolic hill-top nature area.
Czech out our Czech black hot peppers. They've been black forever but are finally, as summer quickly fades, turning to red. I've yet too eat a ripe one, but you'll be the first to know.
These mighty marigolds that emily saved from seed a few years back kept all the nasty bugs away from our tomatoes. She harvested the seeds again this year, so I'm interested in how they will look next year...Crazier? Smarter? BIGGER?
Time, my friends. It takes time.

I built this shave horse a few weeks ago in order to figure out some reason to use my drawknife (work find, again!). Here I am shaving some old cedar lumber in to a clubish thing. If I get any better wood i forsee table legs in my future.

And I got glasses.
And a mustache.

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  1. Hey man! For whatever reason (probably the eternally impending but forever delayed Smile release) you've been popping into my head of late. Glad I was able to track you down. 'Stache looks good. Hope you are well.