Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Even though I paid these people to come to my house and pretend to like me, it was still an enjoyable party. We ate food and some people drank hooch and then we played a game called...can't remember actually. Pictionary maybe, but there weren't any pictures, so maybe it was something else. Ahh, who cares, right? We had fun and stuff.
In other news...we got a glabilionth of an inch of snow the other day and the entire town went insane. Not like eating other people insane. But school was canceled for the kiddies and tons of people took the day off. I road my bike to work (5.5 miles one way!!) early so I could shovel the snow that ended up not existing in the parking lot. Total hype. Anyway, enjoy the photos and see ya later


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