Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hawk Mountain

The Mighty Hawk King

As promised, we took a ride up to Hawk Mountain the other week. I was disappointed to learn it was not, in fact, a mountain ruled by the angry Hawk King, ruler of the un-free hawk world, nor was it a mountain made entirely from the carcasses of millions of Hawks. Turns out it's simply a hawk sanctuary, which really means you can go to this cool forest and walk around and see a bunch of birds for a few bucks while trying desperately to ignore the many humans. Not bad for a few chuckles.

You know us, so you are aware that we might drive around given all of our free time. So drive we did, down Route 611, then a left at 31, or thirty-something (that's for all you early gen x-ers!) and found. There were a couple cool barns and an old house that some dead guy built while still alive. I was gonna look into the history, but I have better things to do so, hey, by all means, feel free to look into it yourself.

I believe they call this sort of barn a Swede, cos, you know, the Swede's favored them, even though most of the ones in these parts were built by the Germans, who are called the Dutch, for Deutsche. Don't ask if you don't wanna know.
Emily is always peeking into old dead guys' houses. In case you forgot, we look pretty damn cool most of the time as you can see from this shiny photo.
Our next stop was the cute little (tourist trap) town of New Hope, where every parking space has a meter everyday!

I think they were getting ready to make some soup outta this stuff, but I can't be positive.
Along the Delaware River in New Hope, at sunset, you can just barely make out Luke Skywalker gazing into the setting suns (cos, ya know, the first Star Wars was called A New Hope. get it?)

This weird old place is in Easton, another Delaware river town.

Surprisingly, at least for me, there are a pile of old covered bridges in these parts. Maybe I'll tell you about them next time, but right now I think I'm gonna go for a walk. See ya later, brah.

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