Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jeez, I guess it's been a while...what haven't we done since last we visited? Well, for one, we haven't gotten any jobs. Oh, I guess I sorta work and make money as a Guy who drives people around, but it ain't steady. Not that I'm complainin'. Just sayin...

We've had the good fortune of experiencing some nice thunderstorms (ya know, where the sky gets all green and dark and there's lightning about fifty times a minute and it frickin rains like mad, that kind) which we've both missed since living out west.
Our Dumb Grey Cat has some kinda sore on her foot that she won't stop chewing on, so we had to give her the old cone-around-the-neck (known as an elizabethen collar ), but you know how cats are..she can still somehow reach it, so it's been a vigilant week for us. Also, she hates us.
Though it seems like a million years ago, it looks like we went to Bushkill Falls in the last few weeks. It was totally awesome. We took the long hike, which wasn't really that long or difficult, but there were signs every few hundred yards warning us how dreadfully strenuous it was. Now, we are not in any way very excersise oriented, but it was not a tough walk. How fat and out of shape are these people? And what miracle brought their lazy asses up to the Poconos? This was before the cat thing, so we had a little more free time on our hands (and feet).

Hey ya know what I hate? The state. Not this state, as in Pennsylvania, but the concept of the state (you know, a monopoly on force), and i feel like I haven't spent enough time here on Lelko Blog making this clear. So, may I direct you to our Permanent links to the upper-right. The road-side blog is fun, but the others are something you should at least peruse, because the quicker we all get over this whole 'it's okay to be slaves' thing, the quicker we can all have the option of Complete Liberty .
But, hey, who am I to rain on your parade? Let's get back to those all important giggles ("you're not human tonight, Marlowe").
Apparently the indians around here were very short and shiny. Who woulda thunk it?
This was near a living, old-time farm where you can go and watch them do old-time farm stuff, like, I don't know, animal husbandry or something. The farm was closed the day we went, but maybe we'll make it back for the old-time Halloween they do. As a side note, we were thinking of some hi-larious costumes, like the sexy quadruple amputee, cos, you know, Halloween is all about being a sexy something or other. At least that's how it appears judging on what they have in the windows at each of the 812 halloween store near us. What a boon for the economy halloween is...
Dill, pesto, tomato, Raw cheddar-stuffed mushrooms. All raw baby! Yeah, we've been doing pretty good with the Raw foods. I'd say we are about 80-90% raw these days, and feelin' fine.

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  1. wow, lelko, reading this is almost like having you here with me in this here room! miss ya buddy!